La Primitiva Results For Jul 11, 2019 (Spain)

Spain Lottery results: La Primitiva

What are the winning La Primitiva numbers for the lottery number 2019/55?

The La Primitiva results for drawing on Jul 11, 2019 are: 12,13,26,30,39,46. The bonus numbers are: 32. The additional numbers are: 8. The La Primitiva drawing was held on Jul 11, 2019 local time.


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Analysis of the Jul 11, 2019 La Primitiva Results

Let’s analyze the six lucky numbers we got in the Jul 11, 2019 drawing! Out of the above numbers there are two odd numbers (13,39) and there are four even numbers (12,26,30,46). It is remarkable that this lottery ticket has consecutive numbers (bonus numbers excluded).

Winning Number Frequency

See how lucky these numbers are. The following statistics show how frequently the recent numbers were selected in the last 100 draws! (Only regular numbers, extra and bonus numbers are excluded!)

Number 12: 10x
Number 13: 10x
Number 26: 14x – This is a HOT number!
Number 30: 12x – This is a HOT number!
Number 39: 13x – This is a HOT number!
Number 46: 6x

Recurring number pairs or sequences in Spain La Primitiva lottery. The following number sequences was found in the latest 100 draws:
The winning numbers 26,30,39 was found once.


La Primitiva 2019/55 Prizes

The following table will show the prizes of the Jul 11, 2019 draw.
1st Prize6+PBNo Winners
2nd Prize6€ 1,712,919.66
3rd Prize5+1+PB€ 128,469.98
4th Prize5+PB€ 2,885.45
5th Prize5+1€ 128,468.98
6th Prize5€ 2,884.45
7th Prize4+PB€ 82.71
8th Prize4€ 81.71
9th Prize3+PB€ 9.00
10th Prize3€ 8.00
11st Prize0+PB€ 1.00

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